On Changing Passions (+Sunday Roundup)


Growing up I had no shortage of passions. I sang and played a few instruments, I participated in team sports like baseball and hockey and, once I was old enough to really appreciate it, I lived for moments in the kitchen learning new recipes and getting dinner on the table.

As the years have gone by and some of my passions have become distant memories (as they often do), I found myself wondering how I could no longer have the time or the desire for the things I once loved doing. I felt a lot of guilt about that for a while. Without spending my summers on the ball diamond and off-season in training camps or my evenings practicing the saxophone or guitar, who was I, and more importantly - what did I care about?

It is only recently that I realized that while I’ve grown up and made choices about my life that my teenage or university self might find unrecognizable, it was fundamentally the same as it ever was. My passions then weren’t necessarily about playing baseball or performing music. Those were outlets -- and wonderful hobbies. But at the very core, my passion truly was building relationships, understanding people and finding community; all things I very much believe in and make time for today.

That is to say that the process may look entirely different than it once did -- I swapped the road to championships for dinner parties and hours of practicing for moments of joy found in introducing someone to my favourite song. In the moments I thought I lost myself, I was actually very much me. The path to get there might be ever-evolving but the result will always be the same.

And if you didn’t expect to get that deep on a Sunday morning, here’s the regular Sunday Roundup for your reading pleasure:

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That’s all for this week. Now go be passionate about something.

All heart,