On The Shining + (A Late) Sunday Roundup

I won’t sugar coat it, I’ve been feeling a little flat. This month I launched Catchall Creative, worked on creating a slew of exciting business content, dove into courses to hone my skills, started implementing systems to encourage organic growth and now I’ve come down from all the hype and am chugging away in a new routine.

For the last few days, I’ve been racking my brain to figure out how to get the pep back in my step and I realized that I’ve missed a few installments of the Sunday Roundup. It’s my favourite post to write and while I know this one is a day late, I feel better already. 

It’s an opportunity to get my thoughts out and to verbalize where I’m at, while sharing some things that have inspired me lately.

While I’m all for taking time to decompress, I think this shows that sometimes, we just need to take a single step to give our passion and creativity a little nudge while they lie dormant in the confounds of our meticulously scheduled lives.

Sure, I love systems and schedules. And I recently discovered a passion for helping other people learn to love them too (or at least recognize the need for them) but - in the wise words of Jack Nicholson - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and I’m not trying to pull a Shining.

So read on for the links I loved 2 weeks ago that I felt too busy and “entrepreneurial” to post about and do something this week just because it makes you happy, will you?

  1. Put your phone down and regain your sense of wonder

  2. As someone who teeters constantly between intro- and extroversion, this article about introverts may have finally swayed me

  3. My writer’s subscription box folks had this goodness to share

  4. We’ve made these Spicy Peanut Noodles from Half Baked Harvest too many times for me not to share it with you, so easy, so quick, so damn good

  5. The self-identified karaoke aficionado in me felt this on so many levels

And that’s all for this week (well actually there will be another one on Sunday but I guess it depends on what day your week falls on so maybe that’s not all… yea it got convoluted, so sue me).

All heart,