Our Wedding


About three months ago, BH and I were surrounded by our family and friends as we celebrated the start of our new adventure as husband and wife. The day was simply wonderful and even that is an understatement.

We poured everything we had into making our big day one for the books and we couldn’t have pulled it off without the love and support of our families and fantastic wedding party.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of our favourite photos, give you a recap on the day’s festivities and give you a glimpse of a day that won’t soon be forgotten.


Getting Ready

My bridesmaids and I woke up at the ass crack of dawn and started getting ready with our team of hair and makeup artists.  I was also actively on storm watch, relentlessly tracking the radar for rain clouds. It was a leisurely morning as we shot the shit, listened to music, and drank mimosas.

Brandon and I chose to spend our mornings separately with our bridesmaids and groomsmen in our own hotel suites - which left the neurotic version of me wondering if he’d remember to bring his speech or straighten his tie. Thankfully, he pulled through and did (what can I say, I picked a real winner).


Our photographers and videographers arrived and we got some action shots of the getting ready process.

After the gals and I toasted to Don (read more about him here), we gathered our belongings and hopped on our party bus to make our way over to the venue. We also stumbled upon one of the groomsmen’s flasks and...well… see for yourself:

First Look

We opted to have a ‘first look’ and take the majority of our photos a few hours before the ceremony started. We wanted to move quickly to the cocktail hour and then to the reception while actually being able to spend time with our guests.

I’d definitely recommend going this route because it gave us a chance to get comfortable posing and being filmed prior to walking down the aisle.

I feel like people want to hear all about how I was so nervous walking towards my almost-husband and that my heart was beating out of my chest but I’ll have to let you down on this one - because, for me, that wasn’t necessarily the case. I’m not someone who gets nervous but I did feel some pre-game jitters which I’d like to think is the body’s way of reminding us that we’ve been prepping for this moment and that we’re ready to give it everything we’ve got.

My relationship with Brandon can mostly be described as two people just knowing. Knowing it was right, knowing each other fully and completely and knowing that this was the day we’d been working for since we were 17. There were no nerves. Just an understanding that everything, as it has always been, would be just as it was meant to be. There’s a comfort in that.

The Ceremony

We gathered with our parents and our wedding party as the guests got settled. BH walked his parents and my mom down the aisle, followed by his groomsmen to the tune of Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight). The bridesmaids started down the aisle while Ellie Goulding’s rendition of Your Song played. Dad and I waited for our cue.

Our ceremony was performed by one of the most relatable officiants I’ve ever stumbled across. He spoke of choosing love, renewing commitments and working together. And there was no shortage of tears… or laughs. We exchanged vows that we wrote for each other, sharing a glimpse of our world with our guests. With a couple of rings, a few signatures and a kiss to seal the deal - it was official. 

We danced our way down the aisle to Into The Mystic by Van Morrison and scooted off to have a chance to regroup.

The Cocktails & Reception

We rolled right into our cocktail hour and took some family photos and munched on some tasty appetizers while the guests indulged in some libations and enjoyed our handpicked playlist. Our photographers got some super glowy shots - the perks of a sunset ceremony, and then we headed into the main reception area.

Our fabulous emcee introduced our wedding party and after a brief stumble (if you know, you know), we were introduced to our guests and had our first dance. We chose I’ll Be by Edwin McCain as it was a song that had a special place in our ten-year journey to our big day.

My longtime best friend gave a beautiful toast, my sister made me cry with her speech (which says something) and BH’s parents gave me a heartfelt welcome into their family. BH then danced with his mom to Days Like This by Van Morrison which is a truly fabulous song.

Following the mother-son dance, our best man told the tale of how he earned his cupid wings, my mom expressed her love for her dear sonny and my dad… well my dad did what he does best and told all of my most embarrassing stories before expressing his pride and love - it’s called balance. Dad and I then danced to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac while (what seemed liked) everyone in the room sang along.

Finally, BH and I both gave our respective speeches, which looking back at them, went on and on but I had a lot of people to thank, so sue me.

Once we wrapped up, the dance floor opened, we indulged in tacos, mac and cheese, wings, poutine, sliders, salad and pizza, cookies and s’mores and drank, obvi. We partied until the last song played during which we all linked arms and sang Merle Haggard’s Are The Good Times Really Over, we hopped on our coach bus with some of our guests to head back to our hotel. We sang terrible renditions of various songs and laughed a ton.

It truly was one of the best days of our life.

All photos were taken by the wonderful Erin and Ian of Erin Blackwood Photography