How to Reignite Your Passion as a Creative Entrepreneur


Creative entrepreneurs are in an interesting spot in the sense that we start our business as an extension of something we love to do; we’ve found a way to monetize it and hopefully make a living out of it. Sometimes the business of things gets overwhelming and the hustling stifles our creativity. But here’s the thing… whether it’s selling sketches or paintings, photographing weddings or building beautiful websites, once upon a time our job was our passion and we loved it with everything we had. So this month, I hope you take some time to reignite your passion and redefine your why. I’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you get back to that, keep scrolling to have a gander.

Take time to reflect on your why

When we find ourselves in the throws of running a business and building an empire, it can be easy to forget what made us start and what inspired us to create in the first place. 

Now could be a good time to reflect on the content you’re producing and determine if the niche you once mapped out for yourself is still relevant to your goals. Perhaps you started your business as a family lifestyle photographer but now feel called to capture only newborns. Redefining your niche can help you feel more in line with the work you’re doing and can make your passion, rather than the stress of hitting your financial goals, drive your creative process - and people are going to notice you love what you do.

Through this process, your brand messaging may change and that’s okay! That’s going to further define your why and help your passion stay at the forefront of what you do.

If you need some inspiration to get back to your why take some time to read through your old blog posts or journal entries and be reminded of your excitement and love for your work.

Set goals (and motivations)

Sometimes passion in business can be stifled if you’ve gotten into a groove or hit a plateau. As entrepreneurs, many of us are on the chase for ‘more’, so if you’re like me you may find yourself feeling more inspired if you switch up your routine or set time aside to plan for your next steps.

This might look like taking a course to learn a new skill to up your game or setting a higher sales goal and mapping out what you need to do to accomplish it. If you’re a web designer looking to increase your sales, perhaps you could work on creating a stream of passive income in the form of customizable templates. It will be a challenge to get them started but once they’re good to go, you can literally make money in your sleep. OKAY NOW!

Here’s the key though, goals without a reward or motivation aren’t as appealing. So it’s important to give yourself some incentive. If you hit that sales goal for the next 6 months, take yourself on that trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Schedule some ‘me’ time

Being a solopreneur doesn’t always leave a ton of time to take care of yourself. I’ve found that physically scheduling time for myself right in my calendar helps me ensure I keep that commitment to myself. Map out a chunk of your schedule for the gym or a fitness class if you’re into that. Block off time to catch up on your fave show or make a dent in your new book.

It’s important to remember that our minds and bodies need to be on their A-game so that we can give everything we have into our work; having an empty cup means you’ve got nothing to pour from so take some time to recharge yourself.

Collaborate with peers

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. While you may know that you’re on the brink of something special, friends and family may not understand the choices you’re making or the new goals you’re setting. Building a community and surrounding yourself with people that are on the same journey as you can help spark the inspiration you may be lacking.

Having days dedicated to coworking, planning or content creation with your business pals can help to set your next steps up for success or help get you out of that isolating slump.

NOW, get to it and keep the love alive my friend!