What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant?


What IS a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone that works in the creative industry, you’ve likely heard the term Virtual Assistant (or VA) before. It’s a term that is used to describe a self-employed person that provides virtual services like administration or scheduling.  Most VAs offer packages including retainer options, hourly fees or special project rates.

Recently, the scope of VAs has been increasing with many people offering more specialized services including blog writing and podcast or social media management to name a few.

Many virtual assistants are skilled in multiple areas, which makes them a ‘Catchall’ solution for small businesses.

Because of the all-encompassing nature of the word Virtual Assistant, it’s important for small businesses to find someone that excels in the skills they need to run their business more efficiently.

How does this impact Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs typically wear many hats while running their business. With time devoted to email management, social media strategizing, blogging and fine tuning client experience, it can feel like most of your efforts are spent running your business instead of growing your business and doing the things you’re passionate about (photography, design, etc.). That’s where a VA can help. By delegating those tedious, soul-crushing tasks to someone who can do them more efficiently, you’ve opened up time to continue to practice your craft, do the things that you love and make your life better (and easier)!

As a bonus - hiring a VA means that you only pay for the time they spend on your project. This means no costs for equipment (laptops, phones) and no expenses for benefits or paid time off.

What types of things can a small business outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Truly, the possibilities are endless because many VAs have specializations and loads of experience. Catchall Creative offers four pillars of services to entrepreneurs.

These include:


  • Email marketing and email list management

  • Email and calendar/schedule management

  • Microsoft Office Suite support (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Report, document and template creation

  • Filing system creation and management

  • Website/blog management

  • Copy editing

  • Event coordination

  • General research

Writing and Content Creation

  • Writing for newsletters, business freebies/printables, courses

  • Blog posts

  • Webpage copy

  • Content/editorial calendar creation and scheduling

  • Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest graphics

Social Media Management

  • Profile/page creation

  • Content planning and scheduling

  • Outbound engagement (liking, commenting and following other relevant accounts)

  • Management of inbound engagement (responding to DMs and comments)

Client Experience & Business Processes

  • Onboarding (email sequencing, contract preparation, etc.)

  • Client profile management

  • Closeout (thank you notes, delivery of final products, requests for testimonials)

  • Vendor/subcontractor coordination

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Business Process audit and automation

And that’s virtual assistance in a nutshell!

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